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Tyler Currie

Hi!  I'm Ty Currie -- not to be confused with 'Thai Curry' (kids were so cruel!).  For a day job, I'm in my 14th year with the NHL Players' Association where I head up the international business/events for NHL players.  So, naturally my favourite sport!  Followed by football, actually.  I'll say hockey is third, but if competitive popcorn or nacho eating ever get their proper due as sports (right?!), we'll have to circle back on this.

I have a strong love affair with: the city of Boston (most kids wanted to be superheroes, I wanted to be Sam Malone from the TV show 'Cheers'), trying new restaurants, dogs (shout out to my crazy-but-lovable mini-retriever), travel, and music from every decade before I was born. I like to stay active in the community, whether it is politics, the arts, or local causes -- including my role chairing Toronto East General Hospital's 'Grand Slam Celebrity Softball Tournament', which benefits their Mental Health programs.
Supporting mentallyfit's work is as fulfilling as it gets. As the great prophet Oprah Winfrey always says: 'live your best life'. But how? To me, it's about educating, empowering and leaning on each other to get there. Oprah's guests can keep their free cars -- for me, there is no better reward than living mentallyfit.