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Luisa Pariselli

My name is Luisa Pariselli. I am currently a professional tattoo artist and lover of the art world. I am obsessed with a few things: one being baseball and the Boston Red Sox. I have always loved the team and the sport has my heart. I also love books and shows on hauntings, crimes and mysteries. I am obsessed with political history and plan to somehow make my way to Germany to further study it's rich history and birth of the "trash polka" style of tattooing. The French Revolution is fascinating and I enjoy reading about it over and over again. If I could play any role in a movie it would be the role of Suzanna Kaysen in Girl, Interrupted. The movie captivates me not only because I would get to kiss Angelina Jolie, but instead, to feel out the role of women in insane asylums during the post war era. I am in love with history. I am in love with old photographs and writing. I love meeting new people everyday at my job and hearing their stories. Mentally fit defines who I am as a person and how vital a sound mind is for me to create beautiful artwork. As someone who has struggled with mental illness and anxiety, I stand behind what this organization stands for and the people who run it.