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Kayla Rocca

My name is Kayla Rocca. I am a freelance photographer based in Toronto. I currently photograph for several Toronto publications including Toronto Life, The Kit Magazine and FASHION Magazine. I am a lifestyle photographer with a raw and candid approach.
I spend my free time travelling and exploring different cultures. People, places, eccentric spaces, culture, and design inspire me. I enjoy good food, nice wine and most importantly great conversation!
Favorite food: Mom’s pasta!
Obsession with love: It’s all we have!
Favorite TV show: Breaking Bad (the acting is out of this world).
Why mentallyfit?
I think that a lot of people suffer from mental illness (including myself) and never talk openly about it. I think this is an amazing platform where people can discuss their feelings, a place where people can relate to one another, and most importantly a place to find comfort and strength.